Touring Texas

Texas Travel Guild, Texas Travel Information first hand from the folks who live and work here. is a great scource for Texas tourists looking for first hand information on Texas Travel, Texas touring information, Texas historic destinations. If you are looking for great restaurants, greats places to bed down ( hotels, motels, B&B's and more) we have listed only the ones we feel are the best. If its historical touring your interested in, we can tell you some of the best and interesting historical destinations in Texas and how, when and what to look for.

Years ago, It was explained to me, by a very wise old gentleman, that there was a great different between simply traveling to a destination and taking a journey. When one just travels,  your normal goal is to get from point A to point B as quickly as you can. And you would normally take the Interstate highways, or an aero plane  or airline airliner.

A journey on the other hand, is something completely different. It is  the essence of freedom itself, where time is not a factor and you can enjoy the scenery and enjoy a sense of discovery!  And even better, to share those moments with your companion, your little filly or your wife. The back roads of Texas, at one time, were the main roads of Texas!

People lived their entire lives on these roads and many left their mark. The Interstate highway system was not started until the mid-1950s by then President Dwight D. Eisenhower. I read somewhere he got the idea for a national highway system in the United States during World War II when the Allied forces were marching across Germany using the German built AutoBahn to move equipment and troops quickly. They were officaily called  called Bundesautobahn.

Highway 75, for example, was a main North - South route from Houston to Dallas and all points between for many years.  When the interstate highway system was constructed, it by-passed a lot interesting small towns and communities and in some cases the right-of-way went right through small towns and they ceased to exist (Rice Texas is a fine example of this!. Not much is left of the old highway system but there is enough to enjoy for the historic minded tourist or traveler who would like to see something beside 18-wheelers! You will find traveling the back road Texas to be a relaxing way to travel and a lot safer.

My wife and I have traveled the back roads of Texas for many years and have found places and destinations that have never been published or very few know about. In this section we intend to write about these places giving information directions and interesting facts for those who like to journey the back roads.

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Experience the large variety of wildlife and beautiful scenery in Texas.  Texas is a very diverse state with 262,017 square miles of territory and 624 miles of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico.  Texas' elevation varies from zero to 8,749 feet elevation. The population is close to 20,000,000 people, but Texas only has an average of 76 people per square mile. The rainfall and climate varies greater with the southeast part of Texas being wetter and the northwest being arid.  It is approximately 900 miles from the tip of the state to the other border of Texas.

 The prices in Texas are reasonable.  The people in Texas are friendly. You will feel very welcome in Texas. If you are a snowbird from the North, you will absolutely love Texas.  Come on down and spend a while in our nice, mild climate in Texas. If you are looking for a place to retire, you will definitely want to look at Texas.  Experience the large variety of wildlife and beautiful lakes and scenery in Texas. The prices in Texas are reasonable.  The people in Texas are friendly.  You will feel very welcome in Texas.

One of my favorite TV shows of the 1970s was “4 Country Reporter” hosted by Bob Phillips, which was aired on Channel 4 at the time. Now the show is titled Texas Country Reporter and is one of the best shows out there to learn about unique places and the people of Texas. I hated this man  for many years (not really) because he was making money and enjoying himself doing what he loved doing and doing it well, but because  I was jealous! I can remember Bob when he was a little thinner, hair was a little longer and darker. I enjoyed  participating in all those adventures and meeting people I would have never met. And I still enjoy the show!