Texas Size Bronze Water Fountain

Texas Size Water Fountain - Its a Big Un!

We had an interesting item posted to TexasDickering.com the other day! It was a huge bronze water fountain. The owner said he purchased it in Las Vegas at the Belgio couple years back.

We believe the artist who created this fountain was an S. Kelia or S. Keliam, we are not sure. The thing stand 8 and half tall and is 4 foot in diameter. We aren't too sure what this big boy weights but I am sure its heavy.  It is quite an impressive fountain and would really make statement for someone  who has  grand entrance way, garden or big pond.

You know they have a sayin in Las Vegas, whatever happens in Las Vegas....stays in Las Vegas! Well,  this fountain didn't!  It now resides in Waxahachie, Texas. The the owner now would like to sell it.

The fountain is a nice detailed bronze that was obviously done by some one who knew what he was a doin! It has Cherubs around the base and four lion head situated around the bowl.

As we mention above, the fountain has been posted for sale on the TexasDickering.com Texas Classified website and you can see the item at this link


The owner is asking around $34,000.00 for it and its appraised value is over $40,000.00. If you are interested you can contact the owner by private email available on the listing.



Texas Size Water Fountain